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We always provide a full quotation, so that you know exactly what the costs will be before you enter the mediation process.


The different types of mediation each have their own fee structure and the tables below provide guidance on the rates concerned. We always provide a full quotation, so that you know exactly what the costs will be before you enter the mediation process. Our charges reflect the value of the dispute, in line with the Ministry of Justice approved and current market rates.

There is no charge for accommodation if the mediation takes place at one of our venues in London and Colchester. Otherwise, if accommodation is needed elsewhere for the mediation, we can arrange it and the charge will be shown separately in the estimate, together with any other expenses, such as for catering and the mediator's travel and subsistence. If the mediation can be conducted on the site of a dispute, or the parties want to arrange accommodation themselves, then the mediator will go to their agreed location.

Civil/Commercial Mediation

Subject to periodic review, the structure of fees to be charged by GLEAMED is that approved by the Ministry of Justice and extrapolated thereafter:-

Band Description Amount per day
(to which we must add 20% VAT)
A Minor, usually community based disputes and small claims up to £5,000. Pro-bono to £500
B Fast track level claims from £5,001 to £15,000, small local business disputes, more complex community-based disputes £600 for 3 hours of mediation
C Multi-track level claims from £15,001 to £50,000, public sector involvement, business/commercial disputes, inter-organisational disputes


£850 for 4 hours of mediation
D Major disputes over £50,001, including international, with fees based on complexity, preparation required, likely duration, etc. £1250 upwards

Workplace Mediation

Complaint Investigation service fees. For organisations that do not have their own internal Complaint Investigation capability, or where a Complainant has lost trust in the internal processes of their employer and wants an external investigation, GLEAMED can arrange the service for you. We pass these referrals to one of our mediators who is also an HR professional and will carry out the work quite independently of GLEAMED so as to avoid any conflict of interest that would otherwise rule us out if a mediation is subsequently required. Fees for this Complaint Investigation Service depend on the complexity of the circumstances but will be within the bracket of £500 - £900 for each full day of work and £300 - £500 for each half day.

Workplace Mediation fees

Indicative costs for Workplace Mediation are shown below and those that apply in your case will be agreed with you as part of our free advice, before you incur any obligation to pay anything.

Workplace mediation is for people who it is anticipated will remain with their current employer.

Employment mediation is for more complex disputes where severance arrangements may need to be agreed.

Activity Time Cost Remarks
Pre mediation interviews Allow 1½ hours per person £60-£80 Per person when telephone interviews are an acceptable alternative to face-to face. appropriate
£150 - £300 Fee is for up to half a day of face to face interviews
£450-£600 Fee for a full day of face to face interviews
Workplace mediation: one to one 3-6 hours allowed £600 - £750 Depending on the complexity of the dispute
Workplace mediation involving multiple participants, e.g. team disputes Full day of mediation

£700- £800
for one mediator
– or –
£600 per mediator for co-mediation

Involves extra time or the need for co-mediation due to the number of people involved
Employment mediation Full day of mediation

£750 (+)
as quoted at the time.

Usually involves more extensive pre-mediation and the quotation will be based on the scope and complexity of the issues to be agreed
Continuation or extension of the mediation May include telephone and email communication, and meetings Based on the fee scales shown above for the activity concerned We will keep participants abreast of costs being or likely to be incurred.

Family Mediation

Indicative costs for family Mediation are shown below and those that apply in your case will be agreed with you as part of our free advice, before you incur any obligation to pay anything.

The costs shown are the all-inclusive amount and may be divided between the participants equally or in any ratio as agreed between them.
Where one participant is entitled to Legal Aid Agency public funding, the other will pay 50% of the fee shown. Where both participants are entitled to public funding, neither pays anything.

Where the table does not match your particular circumstances (e.g. because you only want property and finances or only deceased estates mediation) we will provide you with a quotation which will be based on the indicative costs shown.

Activity Matters to be settled Cost (£) +VAT
  Parenting and
child contact arrangements
Property matters Finances Deceased’s estate Special circumstances (abduction, cross-border mediation, etc.) Divorce  
Mediation ­Information and Assessment Meeting           90
Mediation Sessions
(Each session lasts for up to 1½ hours, to which we add ½ an hour for preparation and writing up - so costs are for 2 hours of work)
Settlement Agreement / Memorandum of Understanding           150

Community Mediation

The GLEAMED ‘pay-as-you-go’ Community Mediation scheme is subject to negotiation and is usually but not exclusively based on a set fee, which is charged on a case-by-case basis. The scheme is designed for independent Housing Associations or other Public Sector users and is tailored in negotiation with them to provide a very cost efficient and integrated solution, with minimum additional infrastructure and overheads, to handle a specified range of community disputes.

GLEAMED also provides Community Mediation in response to individual or group referrals and will provide a quotation based on the scope and complexity of the dispute after cost-free discussions with the parties concerned.

International Mediation

Fees as above will apply for the types of mediation concerned but expenses are likely to be somewhat higher, to take account of travel, translation/interpretation, and the other costs associated with international work.

Conflict resolution activities, including training, are subject to consideration and negotiation on a case-by-case basis. Fees will be lower, when mediation and/or training takes place in the UK or another neutral location. Otherwise, fees and expenses will reflect the circumstances concerned.

On-line Dispute Resolution

A quotation will be provided based on the mediator’s fee component of the rates above plus the communications technology costs concerned. The technology to be used will be agreed with the participants to ensure compatibility and smooth operations. Where we can rely on email, VOIP (e.g. Skype) and messaging costs will be low but if, e.g., international telephone calls are required, this will be reflected in the costs.