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What kind of mediation do I need for my dispute?
Please have a look at the following examples.

Examples of the types of dispute handled by the various mediation practice areas are shown below, to help you decide the sort of mediation you need. If your dispute does not seem to fit easily into any one of the Practice Areas, please contact us for advice and if necessary, we will develop a hybrid mediation process specifically for your dispute, in conjunction with you and the other(s) involved in the dispute. Once you have identified the sort of mediation you need, visit the Mediation Solutions to find out more about it or click on the links below and the Procedure Overview, to see how the process works.


Mediation Practice Area Types of dispute include but are not limited to:
Civil Mediation Property and boundary; Rent, leases, service charges; Debts; personal injury; Professional Negligence; Public service issues (education, health, planning, etc); Probate matters.
Commercial Mediation Contractual matters, including between firms, franchises, house extension/renovation work, car repair/renovation, etc.; Consumer protection, including defective and sub-standard goods and services (including holiday matters); Intellectual Property and Copyright; Company Management; Insolvency; Loans and Credit Agreements; etc.
Workplace & Employment Mediation Interpersonal workplace disputes at all levels, from Board Members to the Shop-floor; Team/Group behaviour matters; Severance arrangements; Wrongful dismissal claims; Equality, all types of discrimination, harrassment and bullying problems; Breaches of/compliance with terms and conditions; Change management arrangements.
Family Mediation Financial arrangements; Property arrangements; Arrangements for children, including custody, unsupervised or supervised contact and abduction (including international); Inheritance matters.
Community Mediation Housing matters; Disputes between neighbours; Community matters, e.g. Use of Community Centres and other facilities, local media matters, etc.; Neighbourhood/Local Business disputes; Neighbourhood/Public Authorities matters, including Councils, Police, etc.; Peer Mediation to deal with bullying in Schools and neighbourhoods.
Hybrid Mediation A mediation process combining arrangements from more than one of the main practice areas, designed to meet the requirements of a particular multi-faceted dispute, with the agreement with the participants. E. g. Family business/property/probabte matters; Business (workplace and commercial) issues; Organisations (workplace/team and financial/planning) issues but also.
International Mediation Conflict resolution, Transitional Justice and post-conflict development support mediation; Cross-border contractual and consumer protection disputes; Cross-border probate matters. Etc.
Mediation Training Registered Mediator Training courses for Civil/Commercial Mediation and Workplace Mediation, Peer Mediation Courses and Mediation Awareness training days/presentations are available on request.