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"Had real trouble with solar panel company when claiming compensati on for garden furniture and after four months spoke with Tom Thomas who suggested mediation through small claims court. Thanks to Tom because it didn't get to that stage. As soon as I informed the company of my intention to go to small claims they sent us a cheque for all damages. Great service that I highly recommend."
P.N.,Home owner

"Court proceedings potentially but at vast expense and time consumption – mediation was definitely the best option."
A.C., Legal Representative

"I want to extend my thanks to Simon [Barry] following our marathon mediation last Friday. This was my first experience of the service and mediators offered by GLEAMED and I am confident it will not be my last. Efficient, effective and very reasonably priced."
L.P., Legal Representative

"The overall experience was a very positive one and I believe we would not have reached mediation without the mediation. I would definitely recommend mediation to other Parties in dispute."
C.P., Local Authority Legal Department

"I have been very impressed indeed with your approach, professionalism, response time and availability to take us through a difficult process, as well as matching up to a tight budget."
Chief Executive, Political Party

"I found the mediator to be sympathetic and understanding at a time of great turmoil for me."
NHS Nurse Manager

"I think all the work you have done is better than going to Court because the Courts are overbearing unless you totally understand the law."
J.B., House building works complainant

"I would recommend GLEAMED and Tom Thomas as an appropriate avenue on which to conduct mediation. A pity Parties can’t be “encouraged” to enter the process at an earlier stage."
D.J., Company Director

"This process was difficult and uncomfortable for all members of the Team. Many felt it unnecessary but this only underlines the issues and poor behaviours concerned. Through the mediation process the behaviours were openly displayed and all points of view heard for the first time, in a safe environment. I was impressed to see how from what appeared chaos, a plan was formulated which we have been able to grow into something we can use on a day-to-day basis."
Consultant, NHS Multi-disciplinary Team

“Wonderful example of how to stay focussed on the point and keep the parties searching for a solution.”
P.E.T., Participant

“I wish to record my thanks to you for your very professional approach and effort on this matter. I was, and remain, very impressed with the benefits of mediation.”
R.F.W., Participant

“Mediation is an excellent way to settle matters if the Parties take a realistic approach to what they might achieve at Court; the cost of going to Court; and the heartache suffered by the Parties and their families during the litigation process.”
D.B., Participant

“We thought it unlikely that our erstwhile tenant would agree to any compromise, being by nature intransigent, but we were very pleased to reach a settlement on the day and avoid the cost and uncertainty of going to Court.”
R.W., Participant

“It was handled very professionally, explaining and advising very well how things were progressing to try and reach a settlement.”
S.E., Participant

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a thoroughly helpful, productive and well conducted mediation. I am extremely pleased that a resolution was brokered between the Parties and am confident that the correct business decision was made.”
A.C., Solicitor

“Many thanks for your help in your mediator role. I found you very professional and competent.”
A.C., Participant (family mediation)

“This was my first experience of the service/mediators offered by GLEAMED and I am confident it will not be my last. Efficient, effective and very reasonably priced.”
L.P., Solicitor

“Helen was the perfect mediator for this case. Kind and understanding of the particular complexities brought to the case by disability but firm when needed.”
S.M., Solicitor